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Are you dealing with severe injuries and rising medical expenses after a motorcycle collision in Connecticut? In this situation, you have a chance to seek compensation for your losses with help from a Connecticut motorcycle accident lawyer. 

Our team at Injured CT has the experience and legal knowledge to assist with your claim. We focus on bringing clients hurt in motorcycle accidents funds to cover their healthcare expenses, vehicle repairs, and lost wages. 

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Can You File a Motorcycle Accident Claim in Connecticut?

You may have a chance to secure funds to address all your expenses after a motorcycle wreck in Connecticut. Our team looks at the actions of other drivers to determine if someone else caused the collision through negligence. 

Other drivers may have to cover your losses if they move into your lane without checking their blind spots, turn into your path, or rear-end you while you’re operating your motorcycle in Connecticut. 

Find out if you’re eligible for compensation by contacting a Connecticut motorcycle accident attorney immediately after your collision. 

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What Compensation Do You Get for a Motorcycle Wreck?

Motorcycle accidents in Connecticut can leave you with serious expenses, making it harder for you to focus on healing and getting things back to normal. Fortunately, a Connecticut motorcycle accident lawyer can help you seek funds to cover these losses. 

Our team can step in to assist you with securing coverage for the following: 

Medical Bills in Connecticut

Over 80,000 motorcyclists sustained injuries in accidents in 2020. We see similar numbers of accidents every year. If you got hurt in a collision, an attorney might help you secure funds to cover your: 

  • Emergency treatment at the scene of a motorcycle wreck
  • Ride in an ambulance to a medical facility 
  • Time in a hospital and any medical procedures 
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy in Connecticut 
  • Medication costs (including pain relievers) 

A car accident lawyer in Connecticut can track your healthcare expenses, ensuring they create an accurate record of your losses after a wreck. 

Lost Wages in Connecticut

The severe injuries associated with motorcycle wrecks can force you to take time off work. Your motorcycle accident lawyer in Connecticut can review the wages, raises, and bonuses you lost out on during your recovery. 

Diminished Earning Potential in Connecticut

We understand that some injuries caused by motorcycle accidents can leave you with lifelong disabilities. For example, paralysis and amputations are both typical results of motorcycle wrecks. 

If your injuries prevent you from returning to your previous career or starting a new job, we may help you seek funds for your lost earning potential. 

Property Damage in Connecticut

A collision with a vehicle can badly damage your motorcycle. A Connecticut motorcycle accident lawyer can help you seek funds to cover the repairs for your vehicle. We can also factor in your losses if the accident totaled your bike. 

Pain and Suffering in Connecticut

Finally, our team can track your non-economic expenses following a Connecticut motorcycle wreck. We look into the pain and emotional suffering you experience after a collision and ensure your settlement or court verdict takes these losses into consideration. 

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How does a Connecticut Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help?

A motorcycle accident attorney in Connecticut can build a claim to bring you funds for your financial losses. We swing into action immediately following a wreck, so you don’t have to wait to secure professional assistance. 

Once you contact us for help, we can: 

Answer Your Legal Questions

We understand that you may have numerous questions after a motorcycle wreck in Connecticut. Fortunately, we can provide you with answers while taking the time to ensure you understand your situation. 

You can contact us from the scene of the wreck to get fast advice about your next steps, which should involve reporting the motorcycle accident to the police and seeking medical care for your injuries. 

Investigate the Motorcycle Accident

Your Connecticut motorcycle accident lawyer can dig into the causes of your collision. We focus on gathering physical evidence that backs up your statement about what caused the wreck. Our team moves quickly to avoid losing evidence supporting your claim. 

We can look for the following: 

  • Skid marks indicating the speed and direction of vehicles in the wreck
  • The debris field left by the motorcycle collision 
  • Video and photo evidence from your accident 

In addition, your motorcycle accident attorney in Connecticut may speak to all eyewitnesses and obtain a copy of the police report from your collision. In some cases, our investigative team works with motorcycle accident experts. 

Go Over Methods to Resolve Your Claim

We can review your options to secure funds for your losses after a Connecticut motorcycle wreck. In many cases, attorneys recommend negotiating a settlement with insurance agents to get damages. 

However, insurance representatives may refuse to treat you fairly. In this situation, a lawyer may suggest filing a lawsuit, especially if you sustained a severe injury, like damage to your back. Find out more about both these options with a Connecticut spine injury lawyer

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Can a Lawyer Assist with a Deadly Motorcycle Accident?

You can turn to our team at Aeton Law Partners if you lose a loved one in a fatal motorcycle accident. We provide compassionate legal care in this situation, answering your questions and giving you time to support your family emotionally. 

A Connecticut wrongful death lawyer can hold the liable party responsible for their actions. 

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Can a Lawyer Help with the Insurance Company?

Insurance representatives often try to reach out to motorcyclists immediately after a wreck. They may offer you an immediate settlement and try to tell you that if you refuse the deal, you’ll lose your chance to secure compensation.

However, these initial deals often fail to cover all your losses. Therefore, we recommend allowing a Connecticut motorcycle accident lawyer to handle all communication with insurance agents and review any agreements the company offers. 

Insurance agents may also try to blame the accident on you or underestimate the severity of your injuries. We help you deal with all these strategies to protect your claim. 

Can You Secure Compensation If You’re Partially at Fault for a Wreck?

Connecticut’s comparative negligence laws mean you have a chance to secure funds even if you partially caused your motorcycle wreck. However, any percentage of fault means that you may receive less compensation. 

A motorcycle accident lawyer in Connecticut can focus on demonstrating the negligent actions of another driver to support your claim. 

Who Can You Sue After a Connecticut Motorcycle Wreck?

Connecticut motorcycle accident attorneys often focus on other drivers when considering liability. Drivers frequently cause wrecks when driving while: 

  • Impaired by alcohol or drugs
  • Fatigued
  • Distracted 

Drivers may miss motorcyclists on the road if they aren’t paying attention, resulting in serious accidents. However, our team may look beyond the actions of other drivers if we believe a defective vehicle part caused the wreck. 

We may help you file a claim against the company that made the part or produced the vehicle in this situation. You can learn more about this option with a defective product lawyer in Connecticut

Why Hire Us for Your Connecticut Motorcycle Accident?

Our team takes your needs seriously after a motorcycle wreck in Connecticut. We’re aggressive in our pursuit of compensation for your losses while providing you with compassionate care and considering the facts of your case. 

We understand the law and provide open communication throughout each motorcycle accident claim while taking the time to listen to your concerns. When you hire us, you get the following: 

  • A one-on-one relationship with your Connecticut motorcycle accident lawyer 
  • Access to 50 years of combined legal experience 
  • Assistance from a team that sticks with you 

We never charge our clients hidden fees and focus on providing fast and efficient service after collisions. Our team gets invested in each case we take on. We hate to lose, and we’re ready to assist you now. 

What’s the Deadline to File a Connecticut Motorcycle Accident Claim?

Generally, you have two years to file a personal injury claim following a motorcycle wreck in Connecticut. After this period, the statute of limitations can expire for the state, meaning the court can throw out your claim. 

Your Connecticut motorcycle accident attorney can monitor all deadlines associated with your case, ensuring you don’t miss your chance to seek compensation. We can also look for possible exceptions that can reduce your window of opportunity for damages. 

What Should You Expect from a Motorcycle Accident Case?

Motorcycle accident claims often require multiple steps to resolve. You can start the process by reporting your collision to the police in Connecticut and contacting a law firm for assistance. 

A lawyer can help you decide whether or not you have a legitimate claim for damages. If your attorney believes you have a case, they can assist you by: 

Filing Your Claim

A motorcycle accident lawyer in Connecticut can help you file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company or a lawsuit against the party that struck you and caused your injuries. Filing this paperwork begins the legal process. 

Going Through a Period of Discovery

Your lawyer and the lawyer representing the at-fault party will get a chance to complete a period of discovery if you file a lawsuit. During this period, both sides collect evidence and build their case in preparation for going to court. 

Filing Motions

Your lawyer may file multiple motions in the lead-up to a court case in Connecticut. Motions may allow your attorney to block evidence supporting the other driver. Find out more about this process by contacting us. 

Discussing Settlements

Even if you sue another driver after a motorcycle accident, you may still have a chance of settling the claim out of court with the other party. Your lawyer can continue negotiations while handling the lead-up to court. 

Representing You in Court

Finally, a Connecticut motorcycle accident lawyer may represent you in court after a collision, presenting your case to a judge and jury. Your lawyer can make an opening statement, present evidence, question witnesses, and give a closing statement.

After both lawyers have a chance to make their case, the judge and jury can come to a final decision about your case. 

How Long do Connecticut Motorcycle Claims Take?

The timeline to secure compensation after a motorcycle accident in Connecticut can vary. Generally, settling with the insurance company can take several months, especially if you have sustained severe injuries that take longer to heal. 

Your claim may take longer to resolve if you file a lawsuit. Some motorcycle accident lawsuits can require more than a year. Find out more about the timeline for your case with a motorcycle accident attorney in Connecticut. 

What does a Connecticut Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Charge?

In most cases, law firms use contingency pricing when handling motorcycle accident claims in Connecticut. This kind of pricing means you only pay legal fees after the firm resolves your claim, usually through a settlement or a lawsuit. 

After resolving your claim, your motorcycle accident lawyer in Connecticut will receive a percentage of your final compensation. Therefore, the exact costs to hire a law firm can vary based on the size of your financial award. 

Speak to Us After a Motorcycle Wreck in Connecticut

You can turn to a member of our team at Injured CT after a motorcycle collision. We focus on your needs and consider all of your losses. You can rely on your Connecticut motorcycle accident lawyer to provide you with assistance and answers to your questions. 

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Our Expertise

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys In Connecticut

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Investigation Of Motorcycle Accidents In Connecticut

Our motorcycle accident attorneys do not wait around for the police to finish their accident investigation before getting to work. Instead, we immediately begin to gather evidence, investigate crucial facts that can only be determined very soon after an accident, and work with some of the country’s top motorcycle experts to begin protecting the rights of our motorcycle accident clients. Whether you are operating your bike on I-95 in Hartford, or on any of the tens of thousands of scenic routes in southeastern Connecticut to Middlesex and Tolland Counties, your safety is often in the hands of the many drivers of traditional motor vehicles. When an accident happens, however, it is oftentimes assumed the that motorcycle operator was acting recklessly. Thus, it is crucial that your motorcycle accident attorney immediately being to investigate the actual circumstances surrounding your accident.

In many cases, the conclusion of an investigation hinges on recovery and documentation of physical evidence that can be lost soon after your motorcycle crash. Rain may wash or fade away crucial skid marks, debris fields may be ruined by other drivers, and the memory of eyewitnesses may fade. Our accident attorneys use experts and investigators from throughout the state of Connecticut and the country to provide your side of the story.

Recovering Compensation For Motorcycle Accidents And Personal Injury

A motorcycle accident can leave you with lifelong injuries and a substantial financial burden. If you have been involved in a motorbike crash, consider hiring an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer near Connecticut to help you with the claims process.

Economic Damages

This refers to any type of damage where you are going to seek monetary compensation for post-accident out-of-pocket expenses. These can include treatment fees, rehab costs, prescription drug costs, and even lost wages. If you believe the injury has directly led to these expenses, feel free to cite it in the legal claim. You can end up receiving access to funds through compensation by listing these economic damages.

Non-Economic Damages

This refers to any type of damage where you are not going to be paying out-of-pocket but it still has an impact on your quality of life. These can include injuries, damage to your car, stress, anxiety, depression, and any other impact that has changed how you live your life. If you believe the injury has changed how you live and/or your mental health, list these under non-economic damages.

Punitive Damages

The last type of damage refers to punitive damages. These damages are built around the legal standards set in Connecticut for personal injury cases. If the judge believes the defendant was negligent and broke the law, then additional punishment can be handed out.

This can include fines and/or prison sentences depending on what took place and what the evidence shows.

If you need help pursuing compensation for your motorcycle accident injuries, call now to schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our experienced Connecticut attorneys and have your case reviewed for free.

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