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Dealing with a spinal cord injury can lead to both short and long-term consequences. You are going to see a dramatic impact on your quality of life before you begin walking down the road to recovery. The best place to start is with a spine injury lawyer from Injured CT.

While it is possible to bring your life back to a healthy state, it is still important to understand what your legal rights are in Connecticut. This is where our personal injury attorneys at Injured CT can step in, and move forward with a legal claim.

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Lawsuits For Spine Injuries In Connecticut

Not all spinal cord injuries are the same, and these nuances will be important as you are trying to put together a comprehensive legal claim against the other party. There are subtle differences associated with the consequences of a spinal cord injury.

  • Quadriplegia – Paralysis of All Four Limbs
  • Triplegia – Paralysis of Three Limbs
  • Paraplegia – Paralysis of Legs/Lower Body
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It is essential to thoroughly understand your diagnosis along with the impact it has had on your quality of life. This is the best way to make sure you are receiving appropriate treatment for what took place. To build your strongest case, speak to one of our spinal injury lawyers as soon as possible. You can give us a call to learn more about how to move forward.

Getting Compensation In A Spine Injury Case

When you are going through a spinal cord injury claim, you will have to go through a wide array of variables to better understand what your legal standing is.

The state protects individuals that are in this type of situation but you will want to know what the compensation will include.

In general, you are going to have the ability to receive compensation for specific damages. These can include traditional economic damages such as lost wages, medical fees, and rehab fees. However, you may also have the opportunity to seek non-economic damages such as a drop in quality of life, stress, and anxiety.

If you are thinking about putting together a comprehensive claim, it is best to start with our law firm at Injured CT. Our spinal injury lawyers can walk you through the entire process during the consultation and help you receive what is rightly due.

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Spine Injury Attorneys

Getting Compensation

There is a time limit for any type of personal injury claim in Connecticut. The statute of limitations sets a limit for bringing a claim at two years. It’s recommended to file the legal claim as soon as possible. If you are sitting on the fence about moving forward with a claim of this nature, feel free to speak to a trusted lawyer at Injured CT.

We have years of experience in handling personal injury claims and can go through the finer details with you during the initial consultation. We realize this is a challenging time for you and this includes juggling various details such as the statute of limitations. Please note, the statute of limitations begins from the time of the injury. This means you will have two years from when you were hurt.

It is important to make sure you receive appropriate compensation for what took place. This is a serious injury and one that has to be handled with care.

At Injured CT, we have helped clients in similar situations before and know how to represent you in Hartford and throughout Connecticut.

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Dealing with any type of injury can be concerning and it becomes important to understand how to earn compensation for the pain you’ve dealt with. This is why a lot of people take the time to speak to a legal professional to better understand what their options are in a case such as this. If you are dealing with the pain and suffering associated with this type of injury, it becomes important to start with a consultation.

At Injured CT, our personal injury lawyers in Connecticut are all about taking an emotional investment in your case. Our goal is always to provide a personalized experience, along with our proven experience in litigation. To get a free consultation, feel free to call us.

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