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Your life can change instantly when you lose someone you love in an accident or because of someone else’s negligence. You find yourself trying to cope with the grief as well as added financial stress.

If your family is suffering the loss of a loved one, the thought of filing a lawsuit may be too much to bear. However, you can take the step of calling an attorney for help. A wrongful death lawyer in Connecticut can work to ease some of the burdens you are carrying by handling legal matters and insurance on your behalf.

We take care of all contact with insurance adjusters, conduct an investigation independently, and develop a legal strategy to validate your claim. As you begin healing, Aeton Law Partners will focus on your wrongful death claim so you can focus on moving forward.


Connecticut's Wrongful Death Laws

Wrongful death is defined in Connecticut Code Section 52-555. In general, if the deceased would have had grounds for a personal injury lawsuit had they lived, then a wrongful death lawsuit can be filed on their behalf. A Connecticut wrongful death lawyer can examine your case and assist you in determining the viability of your legal claim.

An attorney can be invaluable in helping you find evidence of negligence or wrongdoing to solidify your claim. A Connecticut wrongful death lawyer can evaluate the specifics of your claim and assist you in determining the viability of your case.

Common Causes Cited in Wrongful Death Lawsuits in Connecticut

There are numerous situations that can lead to legal action after the loss of a loved one. You may still have a case even if the cause of your loved one’s death is not included here. The most common reasons given in cases of wrongful death are:

Auto Accidents

In the event of a fatal motor vehicle collision, the at-fault motorist can be held liable. Car accidents involving drunk drivers, distracted drivers, pedestrians, and commercial trucks are all common in these claims.

Medical Malpractice

In incidents of medical negligence, patients lose their lives because doctors and nurses rushed through treatments or made preventable errors. It is also possible for a patient to die during surgery if hospitals do not implement enough safety and quality control measures or if surgical equipment malfunctions. These instances can be grounds for a lawsuit.

Workplace Injuries and Deaths

When proper safety standards are not maintained or when faulty products or machinery are employed, workers and employees may be killed on the job.

When an individual dies on the job due to a preventable hazard, multiple parties may be to blame. A Connecticut wrongful death lawyer can help you to determine all sources of liability.

Defective Products

Product defects can result in serious injuries or even fatalities. Deaths have been linked to products that were supposed to make life easier or safer but instead started fires, didn’t work as intended, or caused fatal injuries in some other way. Defective drugs and defective medical devices also fall into this category.

Premises Liability

Accidental death can occur from falling from heights or from slipping and falling on an unmaintained property. The property owner may be held liable for any injuries or damages that occur if there is proof of negligence.

When people own animals, they can be held responsible for any injuries caused by their pets. If a dog bite injury results in death, the owner of the dog can be held responsible in many cases.

A Connecticut wrongful death attorney can help you figure out if the death of a loved one was caused by negligence and, if so, whether or not you have a case.

Damages You May Recover

Compensatory damages are the monetary compensation awarded by a Connecticut court to the deceased’s estate in a successful wrongful death lawsuit. The court will allocate compensation based on numerous types of losses, such as

  • The deceased person’s lost wages
  • Funeral expenses, burial expenses
  • Medical costs related to the deceased person’s final injury
  • Pain and suffering endured by the deceased before death
  • Loss of consortium – such as the surviving spouse’s loss of support, affection, and companionship

The court may increase the amount of damages awarded for a death caused by an automobile accident if the plaintiff can prove that the at-fault driver recklessly regarded certain traffic laws and that their deliberate and reckless behavior was a substantial factor in causing the death.

A Connecticut wrongful death lawyer can investigate the specifics of your claim to provide you with a more accurate accounting of the financial compensation you can seek. This can prevent you from accepting an undervalued settlement and help you to recover the maximum compensatory damages possible.

How Our Attorneys in Connecticut Can Help

The Aeton law firm has extensive experience in personal injury and wrongful death matters. Due to the complexity of these instances, it is almost always necessary to utilize qualified experts from a wide range of fields. We can make arrangements with any relevant experts on your behalf.

Further, navigating the frequently-complex probate and estate issues can add another degree of stress to your situation. We are accustomed to working with the probate court because of our experience defending families in these cases.

You can rely on the skilled attorneys and personnel of the probate court to assist you in establishing the estate, dealing with creditors, and communicating with family members. In every facet of your family’s claim, our Connecticut wrongful death attorney will be there to help you.

How to File a Claim for Wrongful Death

Learning the steps to filing a claim can be helpful when you are contemplating taking legal action. In general, the overall process looks like this:

Consult with a Lawyer

The first step is to arrange a free case evaluation.  Our team can listen to your story and help you to understand your options. Then, we will assist you in choosing the best course of action. In order to file, you must do so within the legal time frame allowed. 

The usual time frame is two years from the date of death, but circumstances can shorten or extend this limit. It’s important that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible to avoid exceeding the limits set by the Connecticut statute of limitations.

Your Attorney Begins Building Your Claim

Your attorney will begin researching your claim, gathering evidence, and identifying all the parties which can be held liable. Your lawyer will also evaluate the value of your case to help you avoid accepting an undervalued settlement.

Prepare for Trial

In the event that the matter goes to trial, your attorney represents you in court. Our Connecticut wrongful death attorneys are well-versed in local court practices and will see that your case proceeds in accordance with all necessary rules and regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Punitive Damages Available?

You cannot file for punitive damages, but the estate’s executor can file for these damages on your behalf. Punitive damages are not often granted, and when they are, they are not meant to compensate the wrongdoer but rather to punish them and dissuade others from committing the same crime in the future.

Punitive damages are generally only awarded if malicious intent or gross negligence contributed to your loved one’s death.

How Do I Know Who is Eligible to File?

Unlike in other states, Connecticut does not allow a surviving family member to file. On the contrary, the decedent’s estate executor or a personal representative is responsible for filing the lawsuit. If your deceased’s estate plan does not name an executor or the named one cannot serve, the court will name an executor.

Contact a Wrongful Death Law Firm in Connecticut to Learn More

Aeton’s personal injury lawyers have handled numerous wrongful death cases, including deaths caused by car and motorcycle accidents, industrial accidents, defective products, and fires and explosions.

These cases are complex and nearly always require the effective use of experts from any number of possible disciplines. Don’t leave your case to an insurance adjuster or accept an undervalued settlement. 

A Connecticut wrongful death attorney is available to discuss your case and develop a solid legal plan to help you recover the maximum compensation possible. Contact us today for a free consultation.