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When we started the firm, our innovative approach to the practice of law was recognized by others in the legal field and featured in the Connecticut Law Tribune. We strongly believe in the smart use of technology as an integral tool in the efficient delivery of legal services. The idea was to cut the costly overhead associated with most law firms. This permits our firm to increase the quality and efficiency of our services while offering better pricing options for our clients.  Our model creates substantial flexibility to offering alternative and highly competitive fee options to best suit the needs, goals, and budgets of our clients.

We pride ourselves on pushing the envelope in terms of law firm structure, best practices, and efficiency. We do not spend our client’s money on unnecessary overhead or to train junior attorneys. If something is not essential to our law practice, we do not waste money on it. The savings we create allows us to reach a broader group of clients and provide the same high quality of work at a lower cost.

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