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Since 2012

Aeton Law Partners was founded in 2012 by veteran trial attorneys Neyah Kane Bennett & David Benoit. Since then, we’ve established ourselves as an award winning, top-tier mid size firm in Connecticut for all practice areas.

Injured CT is our personal injury division of the firm, solely dedicated to helping those who need legal assistance & compensation for injuries. Our attorneys have the resources and experience to to handle any case, including yours.

With offices in Middletown, New Haven, and West Hartford, we’re ready to meet with those who need legal assistance throughout the entire state of Connecticut

Our Process

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An emotional investment in your case

At Injured CT, our goal is exceptional client service. Our service goals begin with what we call our client List of Expectations. This List constitutes the service goals we set for ourselves when representing all clients. Not only is it a reminder to our clients of what they should expect from their lawyers, but also it serves as a reminder to us of what the focus should be: exceptional client service.

We understand that our clients want to stay informed about critical case developments, court dates, and progress reports. Sometimes our attorneys can get tied up in transaction or court proceeding for days at a time. At Injured CT, we have multiple points of contact for our clients to get information from the legal team. Additionally, for our clients who wish to informally check in on their cases or transactions, we can provide you with a client portal that allows you to see key dates and attorney updates.