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Injured CT’s dog bite attorneys represent victims of Dog Bite injuries throughout Connecticut. Dogs are commonplace in our society and animals can be great companions. However, it is necessary for dog owners to be aware of their potential liability. If injured by a dog in any way, you have a right to compensation, and our Hartford dog bite lawyers can help. Injured CT’s injury attorneys have experience resolving dog bite and dog attack matters all over Connecticut.

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What To Do If You Are Attacked By A Dog In CT

Injured CT’s personal injury lawyers specialize in dog bites and dog attacks in Connecticut. Even the most well-trained dogs can injure people. So, Connecticut has enacted laws meant to protect victims of dog bites and attacks. It is important to contact a Connecticut dog bite attorney immediately. We can assist you through the process and ensure that you get compensation.

Laws require that a victim of a dog bite report the attack to an Animal Control Officer (ACO). Mandatory reporting is necessary so the ACO can investigate the incident and the dog involved. This is to ensure that the public is safe from any future attacks.

The Connecticut dog bite attorneys at Injured CT will help you through the entire legal process. Our attorneys can assist you in obtaining the medical intervention necessary to remedy the injuries you have. Then we will contact the dog’s owner or, in most cases, the dog owner’s home insurance company to initiate the process of obtaining the rightful compensation you deserve for your dog bite injuries.

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The Injured CT dog bite attorneys have years of experience working on different dog bite cases. We will be by your side every step, helping you face your perpetrator and bring them to justice for the crime they committed against you.

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How We Can Help With Your Dog Bite Case In CT

There are many reasons why it’s best to get a dog bite attorney from Connecticut to pursue your injury claim. Our legal team at Aeton Law can help you in many ways.

Dog Bite Attorneys

What Does CT Law Say About Dog Bites?

  • In Connecticut, the dog owner or keeper can’t be held liable for dog bite injuries if the incident occurred while the victim was trespassing or tormenting (abusing/teasing) the dog.
  • Connecticut dog bite law presumes that people under the age of seven can’t trespass or torment, abuse, or tease a dog.
  • If the dog bite injuries were caused by two or more dogs from two or more dog owners or keepers, the dog owners or keepers would be jointly and severally liable.

How We Can Assist Your Dog Bite Case

  • Gathering critical evidence witness statements.
  • Looking for experts in different fields, like veterinarians, to testify in support of your dog bite case.
  • Collecting the dog’s records and other necessary information from the police and the Animal Control Division.
  • Calculating your total damages.
  • Negotiating with the dog owner’s lawyers or insurance company for a fair settlement.
  • Representing you in court in case your dog bite claim case goes to trial.

We've Recovered Compensation For Dog Bites In New Haven

Economic Damages

Awarded to compensate for medical expenses, lost wages, and diminished earning capacity.

Non-Economic Damages

Awarded to compensate for emotional distress, loss of companionship, and pain and suffering.

Punitive Damages

Awarded if the dog owner or keeper showed extreme disregard for human life or if their actions were malicious or grossly negligent.

At Injured CT, our New Haven, CT dog bite lawyers will fight for you, ensuring you get worthwhile compensation during settlement negotiations or your trial in Connecticut’s civil courts.

At Injured CT, we are committed to offering you exceptional legal assistance in your dog bite injury case. Our attorneys have over five decades of combined experience dealing with injury cases. We can help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

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Our dedication to superior service and personal investment in our cases is unmatched throughout the state of Connecticut.

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Dog owners have limited defenses when it comes to defending their dog’s destructive actions. Connecticut General Statutes Section 22-364 requires that all dogs be leashed when not on the owner’s property or in a designated “off-leash” area. Therefore, any owner of a dog that was off-leash is strictly liable for damages. The dog owner’s defenses are only available if the owner can prove that the victim was trespassing. If injured by a dog in any way, call Connecticut’s dog bite lawyers at Aeton. You may have entitlement to compensation, including punitive damages, depending on the circumstances.

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What Is The Statute Of Limitations For Dog Bite Claims In Connecticut?

In Connecticut, the time limit for filing a dog bite claim is two years (24 months) from the date of the attack. This is known as the statute of limitations.

Connecticut’s dog bites law, a strict liability statute holds any owner or keeper of a dog liable for any damage it causes, even if it is the dog’s first violent or destructive incident. Strict liability in Connecticut means that a victim of a strict liability offense does not need to prove any negligence of the dog’s owner in order to prove liability. Therefore, if you can prove that a dog injured you, the dog’s owner is automatically liable for your injuries unless he or she has a valid defense. Contact us today for a free consultation, and to see if you can get compensation.

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