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Sexual abuse includes rape, sexual child abuse, and sexual harassment and can have long-term effects on the victim. According to the Connecticut Department of Public Health, 14% of the residents in Connecticut report having experienced childhood sexual assault. We need a systematic response to end sexual violence in our society, as it is a problem that affects boys and girls and is often perpetrated by someone the victim trusts. Read on to learn more about sexual abuse and how our New Haven sexual abuse attorneys can help you pursue justice.

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Suing for Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is a serious and punishable offense in New Haven, Connecticut. Any entity or individual responsible for sexual abuse can be held liable for a victim’s sexual abuse. A perpetrator will be held accountable for their actions against a victim. In contrast, an entity can be held responsible if they were aware the perpetrator could assault the victim but did nothing to prevent the situation.

Our skilled Connecticut sexual abuse attorneys at Injured CT will help you investigate your case to determine the liable party. We have successfully helped sexual victims settle claims against perpetrators and entities for the sexual abuse committed against them. Contact us for a confidential consultation if you have questions about filing a sexual abuse claim in Connecticut.


We Bring Extensive Knowledge and Experience to the Table

The Injured CT sexual abuse attorneys have years of experience working on different sexual abuse cases. We will be by your side every step, helping you face your perpetrator and bring them to justice for the crime they committed against you.

  • Sexual abuse is a punishable offense in Connecticut
  • Anyone can be affected by sexual violence
  • There are various legal options you can explore as a victim of sexual abuse
  • Consider talking to a qualified sexual abuse lawyer in Connecticut if you are a victim of sexual assault
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How We Can Help With Your Sexual Abuse Case

Pursuing legal action after sexual abuse can be difficult as you may be forced to relieve the experience. You do not have to go through this experience alone. Having legal help on your side can make a significant difference. Our qualified sexual abuse attorneys at Injured CT can help you maneuver the legal system and hold your abuser accountable.

Legal Advice

Gather Evidence

We will help you collect the necessary evidence to support your claim, ensuring you get a favorable outcome. We have extensive experience working on sexual abuse cases and know how to build a strong case. We will also investigate whether or not the perpetrator has prior sexual offenses.

Educate You On Your Legal Options And Rights

The type of sexual abuse, timeline, and circumstances surrounding it will inform the type of claim you can file. We are well versed with the laws governing sexual abuse and have successfully helped multiple sexual assault victims get justice against their perpetrators. We will review your case and help you understand your legal options, the best course of action to take, the statute of limitation, and your options for receiving damages.


Help Minimize Interaction With The Perpetrator

We can help minimize your interaction with the perpetrator if you are willing to testify against them. Doing this helps prevent them from intimidating you and allows you to focus on seeking justice. We will go with you to court throughout the trial and take care of most of the communication.

Respect Your Confidentiality

We understand that sexual abuse can be traumatic, and you may not want to recount the details in a trial. Once you share the details with us, you can choose to stay anonymous, and we will advocate for your rights and hold the perpetrator accountable for their crime.


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We've Recovered Compensation For Sexual Abuse In New Haven

Confidential Settlement

Attorney Baber reached a confidential settlement with the owner of a daycare in an amount representing the full homeowner’s policy limits on behalf of a 5-year-old who was abused at an at-home daycare by another child. The claims against the daycare provider included breaches of Connecticut’s regulations of home daycare providers and common law claims. The settlement was reached before a lawsuit was ever filed.

Confidential Settlement

Attorney Baber reached a confidential settlement with a Connecticut city’s Board of Education on behalf of a teenage student who was sexually assaulted by a substitute teacher and coach. The Board settled the claims at mediation before a lawsuit was ever filed, even though the coach was arrested, and the sexual abuse occurred off campus. Settling prior to commencing a lawsuit was crucial, as Attorney Baber’s minor client never had to be deposed or testify.

$450,000 Settlement

Attorney Baber settled a sexual abuse claim on behalf of a now 51-year-old man who was sexually abused by a priest of the Ukrainian Catholic Church beginning when he was 12 years old. The abuser, now deceased, was Reverend Father Joseph Shaloka. He was the priest at St. Michael Ukrainian Catholic Church in Terryville, Connecticut until his death in 1990. Attorney Baber’s client showed extraordinary courage in pursuing his claim. We were able to resolve his decades-old claim without ever having to file a lawsuit.

Anyone who commits sexual abuse will face criminal charges in Connecticut. If you are a victim of sexual abuse, there are legal options you can explore, including filing a civil claim against the perpetrator for damages. Our team has extensive experience helping victims of sexual assault seek justice.

You do not have to go through the process alone. Let our skilled and compassionate New Haven attorneys help you pursue justice. Call (855) 285-3425 now to discuss your case.

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Our sexual assault attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience handling sexual abuse, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and personal injury cases in Connecticut. We are experts who understand the ins and outs of these cases and have a proven history of successfully representing our clients. Call us at (855) 285-3425 now to book an appointment. Let our dedicated, experienced, and compassionate team help you pursue justice in your sexual abuse case.

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What Is The Statute Of Limitations For Sexual Abuse Claims In Connecticut?

The statute of limitations for filing sexual abuse claims against a perpetrator’s intentional acts is three years from the date of the assault. The limit is two years from the date of the assault if you are filing against an entity or any other person, such as the perpetrator’s employer, who could have been negligent for letting them have contact with you.

The statute of limitation for children victims of sexual assault, sexual abuse, or sexual exploitation is much longer. In Connecticut, child victims claiming damages can file up to thirty years past the age of abuse.

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