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The New Haven personal injury attorneys at Aeton Law Partners have more than 50 years of combined experience in personal injury, wrongful death, and medical malpractice cases. Our injury attorneys take pride in accepting these cases, involving the most serious injuries.

Fortunately, regardless of whether it is a wrongful death or complex injury case, a motor vehicle accident, or a slip and fall, you pay no expenses or fees to us out of pocket. Connecticut laws allow personal injury attorneys to accept contingency fees in personal injury cases. Our Hartford personal injury lawyers only collect fees if we recover money for you.

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Personal Injury

A personal injury case involves two parties: the injured person (plaintiff) and any other party that has caused the injuries (Defendant or Defendants). The plaintiff is the individual that was injured as a result of the negligent actions of the defendant. Those that are found guilty will be held legally responsible for the damages that have occurred. There is a multitude of factors involved, all of which will pertain to the negligent actions of the defendant.

New Haven Car Accident Lawyer

If you happen to be in a car accident, the police will investigate and typically find one party at fault. We have seen many circumstances where the police investigation is incomplete, unfair, or just wrong. We typically interview all the witnesses to a car accident even if the police already have done so. What we find are many details left out and sometimes a completely different story.

Wrongful Death

In Connecticut, claims against those that have caused death are unlike any other type of personal injury case. These types of cases are unique and require a New Haven personal injury attorney to have experience dealing with the complexity of a “death case.”

Traumatic Brain Injury

Any trauma to the head can lead to a life-altering, and sometimes permanent, brain injury. A person may experience head trauma due to involvement in a motor vehicle crash, an assault, a construction accident, an athletic injury, or a slip and fall on ice.

Defective Products

People are injured or killed by defective products every day in the United States. When a consumer purchases an item, the expectation is that the product will be safe and fit for its intended use and safe for individuals and their families.

Dog Bites

Under Connecticut’s statutory law, dog owners are responsible for injuries caused by a dog bite. The dog bite statute also covers situations where a dog caused injuries by knocking you down or jumping on you.

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An accident can happen anywhere: a slip and fall at a grocery store, a motor vehicle accident on your local road, or while a pedestrian walks on a sidewalk. If you have been injured as a result of another’s negligence, then you may seek the help of a personal injury attorney. A personal injury attorney can help you navigate the sometimes confusing world of insurance claims and help you get compensation for your injuries.

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Regardless of what type of case you have, you pay no expenses or fees to us out of pocket. Connecticut laws allow personal injury attorneys to accept contingency fees in personal injury cases. We only collect a fee if we recover money for you.

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